Sandy Feet

First published in Kindling: A Writer's Edit Anthology

Writer's Edit Press, 2014

ISBN-10 : 0994165501 / ISBN-13 : 978-0994165503

The sand wiggles up the concrete ramp at North Narrabeen beach, whipped by the wind and beckoning me to play. Unpredictable but accommodating, the grains give way with a tiny squeak each time my foot pushes down. I hear giggles behind me and I pause, sneaking a look back to see my daughter's blonde pigtails swinging as their owner animates a story for her daddy.

‘Shhh,’ he whispers, raising a finger to his lips. With a conspiratorial smile they huddle as his tanned hand points to the pied cormorants stretched out to dry in the fading afternoon sun. I smile as the scene reassures me and I finally give myself permission to turn my back and, shoes in hand, follow the pathway prepared by the sand.

The Secret of the Attic

First published in Kindling II: A Writer's Edit Anthology

Writer's Edit Press, 2015

ISBN-13: 978-0994165510 / ISBN-10: 099416551X

Pieta felt the knot in her stomach tighten as she looked up the narrow blue stairs. Even though she knew she was allowed to venture up now, her childhood fears haunted her. Sweat clung to her palms as her mind dredged up long suppressed feelings of disappointment and betrayal. She reminded herself she’d chosen to come.

The door to the attic was ajar and dust motes danced in beams of sunlight, teasing her from the top of the seventeen stairs. The staircase looked shorter than she remembered. She was a grown-up now, so why was her heart beating so fast?