A bit about me

I love words and stories, so I feel very lucky to have called writing my career for more than 25 years! It's a passion that started at a very young age. When I was eight I discovered my 'magic book', Peter Pan, but I also began to write my own stories and understand how much a few words, put together in a certain way, could do. 

Fast forward a decade (or so) and I was given the honour of sharing true stories as a broadcast journalist for the Seven Network and Australian News Channel. As a reporter, I covered devastating bushfires and court and crime stories, as well as amazing stories of bravery and personal success. A passion for skiing and the snow led to a job reporting from the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City and the opportunity to witness two of the greatest ever gold medal performances by Australian Winter athletes.

Over the past 15 years, I have enjoyed flexing different creative muscles, writing fiction for children. I was part of the national winning team for Write a Book in a Day (WABIAD) four years in a row. As a group, we went on to publish four co-authored novellas raising money for kids cancer research and the middle-grade novel Into Tordon (MidnightSun: 2016). You can see more about these books here

For adults, I have had a number of short stories published in Australian anthologies and online. Some of these are also available on my website here.

My passion for the world of writing, and children's literature in particular, also inspired me to write about writing itself in a series of three essays published in Australian anthologies. You can read them here.

In the past, I have also used the writing name Kristin Prescott.

Whether it is fiction or non-fiction, inspiring children to write alone or by collaborating is my passion. I love running writing workshops for children in schools and inspiring kids to find new ways to share the stories of their time and their world.​

I am currently collaborating on a new YA series and writing a middle-grade novel.

For school bookings contact Staff@thechildrensbookshop.com.au

Writing industry roles:

  • Program Manager, Australian Children’s Laureate Foundation 

  • President, CBCA NSW Northern Suburbs Branch

  • Author, Littlescribe program for primary and secondary schools 

  • Member of SCWBI & SWW NSW

  • Editor of Society of Women Writer NSW Magazine Women's Ink! & e-news 


EHPS Littlescribe session.jpeg

Littlescribe Mini-writing Festival, 2020


Bushfire reporting at Sussex Inlet, 2000

CBCA Belrose Interivew pic.jpeg

Facilitating a publisher interview at a CBCA NSW Northern Suburbs Branch event


Salt Lake City Winter Olympics, 2002